The New Year of 2014

Okay, so I have been horrible in posting and spreading my knowledge with others and for that I say, I am sorry. I had major burnout and was (am?) ready to walk away from real estate and all aspects involved. I continue to trudge along but I have to get focused and get this lovely information that I come across everyday in my job that can help some buyer secure a sense of what goes on and not from your nice (motivated by money) Loan Officer or Real Estate Agent. So this year, for 2014, I apologize for neglecting all who will read this blog as well as the ones who I lost and hope come back and plan on posting some real interesting info for both first time homebuyers but also for first time home owners. Yes, I stated home owners as well. I am still a first time homeowner and there are items and issues that come up that I have to ask veteran homeowners what to do or google and waste valuable time sorting through.

Happy New Year (albeit a little late!)


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