This is what can wrong…

I stumbled across this YouTube video that Angie’s List posted. While  I don’t personally subscribed to Angie’s List, it is a true and horrifying story of what can happen even when you do your due diligence (the work) and have a home inspection.

I should know. I was in a similar predicament and thankfully I didn’t have to take it as far removing the drywall and correcting everything. I am still having issues with my home, albeit not as serious, but still a nuisance. To think I work in the industry and see it everyday, I had a home inspection, a final walk through, assurances from the seller that the contractor had a license and competent and I still fell victim. My biggest mistake was not holding an escrow at the time of closing because it seemed it was corrected and “I didn’t want to cause any problems”.

My two cents to offer on this subject are: make sure you work with a knowledgeable agent skilled in your area of purchasing or can turn to someone who is, get a home inspection and attend it and ask questions, check online or in your Permitting Department for your area to see if the remodel was done with permits and up to code. Also, make sure to follow your intuition and if it doesn’t look right or make sense, don’t believe it and check it out for yourself.

In some upcoming post, I will be going over what makes a good agent and why you should have one, as well as the need for a home inspector and your need to choose it instead of seller or realtor.

Stay Tuned!

NOTE: This is just a disclaimer. I am not affiliated with Angie’s List nor do I subscribe to her services. I just like her YouTube channel and ran across this video.